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NANOSEPTIC® Self-Cleaning Technology

In addition to offering cleaning and sanitizing to your facility during Covid-19,

NanoSeptic Skins turn high-traffic touchpoints into continuously self-cleaning surfaces.


Why are we using ‘NanoSeptic’ Self-Cleaning Technology?

  • Less Worry

  • Healthier Environment

  • 24/7 Self Cleaning

  • Safe, Non-toxic Material

Products Include wide door push bars and handle wraps, push pads and slip-on handle sleeves, elevator button covers, clear film for touchscreens, protective deskmats, and more!


Request a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

 Our design & installation team can provide you with samples and recommendations to get you the best commercial flooring for your business. We also offer stand-alone maintenance services, including commercial carpet cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning, and everything in between to keep your commercial flooring products in the best possible shape, and to retain their value for years to come.

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The New Clean means continuously self-cleaning surfaces. It means safe, non-toxic materials. It means turning dirty, high traffic public touchpoints into clean surfaces you can see.NanoSeptic Skins and Mats turn dirty high traffic, public touchpoints into continuously self-cleaning surfaces.


Powered by light, NanoSeptic surfaces utilize mineral nano-crystals which create an oxidation reaction stronger than bleach. Working 24/7, the surface continually oxidizes organic contaminants. Contact us today to find out how NanoSeptic can be your first step toward creating a self-cleaning environment


How does the NanoSeptic Surface work?

One of the components of the surface is a mineral nano-crystal which acts as a catalyst, charged by visible light. These nano-crystals create a continuous oxidation reaction stronger than bleach. This oxidation reaction breaks down organic material into base components such as CO2. The surface also forms free radicals which act as an additional cleaning agent.


What do you mean by “self-cleaning”?

The NanoSeptic surface continuously oxidizes organic contaminants at the microscopic level. Large scale contaminants must still be removed to allow the surface to do its job. This is similar to disinfectants, which require surfaces to be cleaned before the disinfectant can be effective.


How should I clean NanoSeptic surfaces?

NanoSeptic surfaces are not affected by traditional non-abrasive cleaners. We recommend wiping the surface with a microfiber cloth and water to remove large-scale contaminants. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning utensils which might compromise the NanoSeptic surface.


How long do NanoSeptic products last?

We recommend replacing facility touch point skins every 90 days (quarterly). In some high traffic applications, they may need to be replaced more often. Mats, v and tissue box covers should be replaced annually. Nothing gets used up or expires, so the products’ shelf life is virtually unlimited. Product life is dependent on actual physical wear.


How do I know when to replace NanoSeptic surfaces?

The easiest rule to follow is to replace the skins quarterly and the other products annually. However, the print serves as a wear indicator, so if the text or graphics become worn or faded, it’s time to replace. Also, if the skins start to peel off, we recommend replacement to keep the touch point looking good.

For More Information, Download the NanoSeptic Brochure

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